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Pharmacy Services


We offer FREE prescription delivery across Aberdeen. After collecting your prescription from your doctors surgery, we can deliver straight to your door, saving you getting caught in traffic or struggling with parking!


At Albyn Pharmacy, we can offer free blood pressure tests if you’re concerned with your blood pressure. Just pop in, and we can take your blood pressure, and advise you on any actions you may need to take.


If you or someone you know struggles with taking all their medication, we can help. Rosemount Pharmacy can arrange for disposable medication trays to be made, and delivered, so it takes the stress out of making sure all your medicines are being taken, and being ordered on time.


If you’d like to order your medication at a time that suits you, this is the service you need. Just order your medication at anytime, at home or on your smart phone, and put an end to being on hold, or being unable to get through to order your prescription.

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