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Select the condition that you need a prescription for, and fill out an online doctor consultation form. We can consult on a range of common, uncommon or slightly embarrassing conditions, which can save you the trip to your own doctor. Some of the treatments available, are not widely available on the NHS, so we represent a convenient route to treatment, over making a private appointment.


Once your online consultation form has been completed, our doctors can begin to assess your suitability for the prescription requested. To do this, it is important they have all relevant information, to make sure what they are prescribing will be safe and effective for you. Please make sure you complete your online consultation honestly, and giving appropriate details where required.


Once approved, a prescription is passed to our pharmacy, who prepare your prescription. Medication is sourced from UK wholesalers, who are regulated by the MHRA, so you can be sure your prescription medication is made to the highest standard. Our GPC registered pharmacists do a final check, before approving your medication for delivery.

Online Doctor UK

Our Online Doctor service, is a UK based service, which allows customers to complete online doctor consultations to assess suitability for medication. Our online doctor’s are trained and registered in the UK, and always look to make sure that what they prescribe is safe and effective for your condition.

Medication for the online doctor service is prepared and dispensed from our pharmacy, and dispatched in discreet packaging to your delivery address. All medication is sourced from wholesalers in the UK, who are registered with the MHRA. You can therefore be confident that you are receiving genuine, safe and effective medication. If you need treatment for one of the conditions, just fill out the online doctor consultation, and select the treatment you need. Our doctor will then review your consultation and make sure that this treatment is safe for you.

We ask that you always give us as much information as possible in your assessments, to allow the doctor to make a fully informed review of your condition and the treatment prescribed. If you’re in Australia, you can use our sister site, Simple Online Doctor, which is an Australian online doctor service.

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