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While online doctors have been well established in the UK for several years now, they are only now starting to make waves in Australia. Simple Online Doctor is a new online doctor service in the land down under, and is offering patients similar services to those offered here in the UK. The premise is the same; the patient either does not have time to visit the doctor or may be embarrassed to seek out treatment for their conditions, and requires a safe, convenient way to order medication online.

With the large number of fake online pharmacies, and counterfeit medication, the UK has implemented procedures to verify online pharmacies, and Australia is soon to follow suit. This verification of pharmacies trading online, helps weed out pharmacies trading illegally, and restore patient safety and consumer confidence in the online pharmacy and doctor services available.

Simple Online Doctor has it’s Australian registered high street pharmacy based in Brisbane, and offers treatments such as

Propecia – An effective hair loss treatment

Viagra – An effective erectile dysfunction treatment

Xenical – An effective weight loss aid

Primolut N – A period delay tablet for those moments when having your period isn’t convenient!

Malarone – An anti malaria tablets

Priligy – An effective treatment for premature ejaculation

Zithromax – An antibiotic to treat chlamydia

Champix – Tablets to help stop smoking

Vaniqa Cream – Cream to help treat female facial hair

It remains to be seen how successful online doctor services will be in Australia, however the options to purchase medications safely online after consultations with doctors, give patients an additional avenue to seek treatment for conditions that can sometimes be left untreated.

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